Monday, March 19, 2012

Story progression

A fairly large update today. Sorry it took so long.

Here is the current map of Cullingville. The blue dot indicates where Dahlia is presently. All of the red marks indicate that Dahlia has been there, and the writing describes her own personal notes.

There's a new post today, so please check that out. It's a longish one because of how the last poll turned out.

There's also a new poll on the side, so please vote on that. If you look, you will see that Dahlia's inventory has also changed to reflect her acquisitions at the school.

I want to add that if your comment hasn't been placed in the story yet, please don't be upset or give up! I may just looking for the right place for it. That said, I can't add all comments in, because depending on their subject matter, they may just not fit.

I do encourage you to please make a comment in reply to this, though, and I will try very hard to add it to one of the upcoming entries.

Here's to the next post being done sooner!


  1. As always, you can comment down below to leave a message for Dahlia. Be creative and it may get used in the story!

  2. Message for aunt Dot Maybe on her answering machine or a scrap of letter found in the bedroom. You can alter it if you like to better fit with the main plot.

    "No one can find out about this. Our young have grown too wild to be trusted with it, not that they would understand anyway...They're like outsiders in our own families....imagine what our parents would think... Leaving the town to go off chasing fruitless dreams. Ridiculous!"